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SSCi is a company that provides computer software and consulting services to 375+ companies. Our staff has many years of experience providing water/utility and accounting software to cities, towns, water districts, accountants, and other commercial businesses.


Whether you need a single user system or a large network of users, we can even assist you in acquiring the computer hardware that fits your needs. If you already have computer hardware and running Microsoft Windows® (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 or 11), it should satisfy the requirements of our software. No matter your computer experience level, our instructors can lead your staff through the learning process to make this a good and successful installation.


We can also convert the data from your current software to our system. Automated conversions can normally be done from existing systems, but we also have the capability to provide data entry for conversion from manual processes. We have successfully completed manual conversions as well as automated conversions from most of our competitors' systems.


Custom programming services is a very important service that is also available. We can offer you the option of adapting our software to your special needs.


This is a very exciting time for SSCi as our Windows based software is getting great reviews from our clients. Please review our Site and return often as we will be adding information regularly. Our family of customers is growing but we are saving a place for you.  We currently have customers in Oklahoma, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Louisiana,  Georgia, Tennessee, New Jersey,  New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, California, Florida,  Colorado,  Nebraska, Arkansas, and the Bahamas. 











Our Statistics

The SSCi management team has over 30+ years experience in providing quality, affordable billing software.  Stats are updated monthly.

    2 Million+
   $65 Million+
# Of Customers
# Of Bills Month
Amount Billed Monthly
    Years in Business

 Core Values                                                            Sustainability



                              Committed to the Future

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