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2022 ORWA Annual Meeting

April 2022

Sequoyah Software attended the ORWA Annual Meeting April 20 - 22.  Liberty Shere, John Katubig, Delaina Katubig, Trent Anderson and Lynx Solutions Noah Giles represented SSCi at the event.  They were extremely excited to see their customers at their first ORWA meeting in three years due to the pandemic.  Those in attendance were the first to see the new Version 4.71 software update and the new mobile work orders via Diamond Maps.  In addition, customers eagerly talked to Noah Giles of Lynx Solutions about his Cyber Security Programs. 

Green Country Service Bureau Partnership

April 2020

Sequoyah Software is pleased to announce our partnership with Green Country Service Bureau.  The companies are working together to offer Utility Billing services for utility companies in Oklahoma and surrounding states.

Green Country Utility (GCU) is a recently formed Oklahoma LLC based in Ramona, Oklahoma with a commitment to provide expert service in the field of Utility Construction and Services. GCU was formed from an opportunity for a group of people who have spent decades developing a love and pride for excellent customer service. To get back to their core passion, ensuring that Oklahoma residents have continuous, uninterrupted utilities with minimal worries and financial impact. The GCU team has an extremely unique set of skills that are fully complimentary to one another to allow the company to provide the highest level of service available to our customers.  

Green Country Utility has purchased all new capital assets and established a completely remodeled, dedicated full time office. Fully equipped with all new office equipment, along with new service trucks and new excavation equipment and all new construction and repair tools. GCU has the experience and equipment necessary for any job that may arise. GCU is currently working and billing for 2 Rural water companies and plans to have 4 more contracts by year end. 

Sequoyah is excited to be working with a committed company like Green Country Utility that puts their customers first and provides accurate billing and collection services. 

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Sequoyah Software                                                                        Green Country Utility                                                            Claremore OK                                                                                   Ramona, OK                                            

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