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           back-up and disaster recovery program



Sequoyah Software & Consulting, Inc and Mozy by EMC have partnered together to provide an extensive Back-Up and Disaster Recovery Program to our clients.


The backbone of any utility company is its database.  Corruption of data can cripple an organization for days, or even weeks.  While we strongly suggest backing up your data on a daily basis, we know that not everyone takes the time and effort to do so.  But ask yourself: “Can my organization continue to function without my critical data and applications?”  Let’s face it, at some point your data will be at risk.  It could be human error, system failure, accidental deletion, viruses, power surges or even a natural disaster.  Not having the proper precautions in place could mean losing it all. Think of your disaster recovery plan as an insurance policy for your data and business should something beyond your control happen.


Sequoyah Software & Consulting, Inc. has partnered with Mozy of the EMC Corporation to offer our clients a new Back-Up and Disaster Recovery Program designed especially for those using our software.  We chose Mozy for their years of experience in the cloud storage industry and their customer support. 


Our Back-Up Plan automatically encrypts your data and uploads it to Mozy servers every night.  For extra insurance we will make a back-up copy on a local drive as well.  Every morning, the success or failure of your nightly backup will be reported to you and your SSCi support team.  If a backup fails, you can manually upload the data.  If scheduled back-ups fail regularly, we will research the issue and rectify the matter.


Our Disaster Recovery Plan, should you need to restore your data, consists of three recovery options:


1. Humans make mistakes.  While this is among some of the hardest mistakes to prevent and correct, ensuring your data is regularly backed up lets you restore it to an error-free state. As much as we wish we were, people are not perfect and can easily overlook an important step in a process, accidentally delete data or enter the wrong data. In this scenario, your SSCi team can restore your data from the night before, using your local backup or your data stored at Mozy. 


2. Hardware fails.  While we’ve made huge strides in the reliance of our technology, it’s still not perfect and is bound to have issues here and there. It can be expensive for your company to eliminate all single points of failure in your IT infrastructure. Regular back-ups are really the only way you can be sure that a hardware failure will not interrupt your service or cause data loss. The best option is to back up your data regularly, ideally with a leading and highly secure managed hosting provider.  This will help to eliminate any interruptions in case of IT infrastructure failures.  If your hardware fails, your SSCi support team  can help you get up and running again when you hardware is available.


3. Nature is Unpredictable.  We’ve all been witness to what can happen when the wrath of Mother Nature hits, which can be pretty unpredictable. Businesses that don’t have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place can find it almost impossible to resume operations after a major disaster hits. When this happens, we can restore your database onto our computers at one of our offices  and you can access your data remotely on our machines.


Call us today and ask us about our new Back-Up and Disaster Recovery Program.

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