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SSCi offers software that allows communities, home owner association and/or resorts to manage all their needs from Assessment Billing, Contact Notification, Management Services, Web Site and Integration.   


Sequoyah Assessment Billing Software offers options to track your owner or the renter information.  The system can bill for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual billing.  The billing software offers late notice notification, penalty assessment billing, and hourly billing.  We can also bill for additional services like trash, water/sewer, gas and electric. 


Our billing system also allows you to print card type bills, full page bills, or offer email billing.  The customer then has many options to pay via bank drafts, ACH, credit cards, and cash.   Lockbox service and receipt printing are available.


The Contact Notification System allows for email blasts, call blasts and you can send letters, or individual emails to communicate with your customers for all types of announcements, updates or reminders.


The Management Services offers a system to create and manage work orders.  Work orders can be added for a specific owner or renter.  It can show work completed or open and who is assigned the work. You can add costs and show reports for time to complete. 


Sequoyah partners with the top Web Site companies in the HOA industry to give you a professional web page that offers calendar services, meeting minutes, forms, and etc… all the options HOA’s need.

Our system is integrated so you do not have to re-enter your data into multiple systems.  


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