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The features below are just a brief sample of those provided by the Municipal Court system.


  • Search By Any Field or Combination of Fields

  • Cases with Single or Multiple Citations

  • Person Database with Feature Descriptors

  • Vehicle Database with Vehicle Descriptors

  • Unlimited Offenses

  • Location Information

  • Docket Type and Number

  • Maintains Bond Information

  • Tracks Warrants

  • Flexible Fine and Fee Definitions

  • User-Defined Fees Associated with Fines

  • Payment Schedules

  • Automatic Distribution of Fees to CLEET, AFIS, Forensics, Court Costs, etc

  • Complete History on Each Citation and Case

  • Easily Find and View All Cases Involving the Same Defendant

  • Easily Find and View All Cases Involving the Same Vehicle

  • When Viewing Case, You Are Notified of the Amount Due on this Case and Also Any Due on Other Cases For this Defendant

  • Protects Juvenile Cases

  • Unlimited Note Space

  • Print Court Dockets

  • Print Ticket Audits

  • Print Payment Audit

  • Print Payment Distribution

  • Print Receipts

  • Print Warrants

  • and more ...

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