Sequoyah Software Opens New Office in Arizona


April 4th, 2019

Sequoyah Software is opening a new office in Gold Canyon in Arizona.   The office is only a few miles away from the Arizona Rural Water Associations office.  We will be offering sales and support from that location.

Sequoyah Software has been expanding in the west with more customers in utilities and municipalities in New Mexico, California , Washington , Idaho and etc..   We are excited about working in the southwest and look forward to spending more time with our customers and prospects. 

Sequoyah Software Expands Customer Base in 2016 and 2017  


Sequoyah Software welcomed twenty-two new customers in 2016.  These customers range from Municipalities to Rural Water Districts to Home Owner Associations.  They provide multiple services such as Water, Sewer, Gas, Electric, Business Licenses, Property Tax, Internet, Fire Department Services, Cable TV, Security and more.

Several of the companies also converted over to Sequoyah Software's Financial Suite.   Using the Financial Software and the fully integrated Utility Billing Software together, reduces time spent on redundant duties.  


In 2017, Sequoyah Software has seven new customers and are on track to gain thirty by the end of the year.     "2017 will be one of our most successful years for Sequoyah Software and we are excited to add these new companies to our family.  We look forward to continued growth and adding new products and services in the coming year."  said Trent Anderson - Sequoyah Software Director of Sales and Business Development

Sequoyah Software's Annual Missouri User's Group Meeting

June 16th, 2017 

Thirty-Five of Sequoyah Software's Missouri users met in the Blue Springs Marriott Convention Center for a meeting and training session.  The day's agenda for the meeting included a Billing Overview Training Session, Accounting Overview Training Session, and discussions by City of Weston, Audrain County Rural Water #2 and the City of Hope.  Also in attendance were three prospects that were evaluating the software.  

A representative of City of Polo wrote "I learned a lot and I am impressed with the meeting and the whole Sequoyah Team."

Sequoyah Software Welcomes Two New Partners

November 1st, 2018 

Sequoyah Software has partnered with Diamond Maps to help with their customers' mapping needs. is a cloud based GIS designed for water and wastewater. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking for a way to edit your existing GIS in the field, people choose Diamond because it is simple and affordable.

Sequoyah Software also welcomes RS2 Solution as a partner.   RS2 Solution's mission is to help  utility companies with their account receivables collections. As an account management trustee ,they can help with cost administration without adding additional departments or manpower. They will work to solve the issues of the clients within their scope without creating any added work load. 

Sequoyah Software's Fourth Annual Oklahoma User's Group Meeting

April  5th, 2018 

The Sequoyah Software Fourth Annual Oklahoma User's Group meeting in Norman was a success with over 85 attendees and 43 companies attending.   Sequoyah Software Consultant Julie Hudgins was the Guest Trainer for the day.  SSCi announced and demonstrated their new 2018 upgrade features that included micro buttons for Google map lookup, Email buttons, Color change for Active/inactive users, Work order Status,  receipt printer options,  audit tracking  features,  new easy billing menu options and many more features.  

Mike Bast of TSYS and Rick Bailey or AutoMail were on hand as guest speakers.  

Sequoyah Software Works With Many Pueblos in New Mexico   

Feb 2016

The Santo Domingo Pueblo is near Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Santa Domingo is home to around 2,550 people, 446 households, and 408 families.  The tribe is known for an annual dance held on August 4th.  August 4th is the feast day of St. Dominic, patron saint of the historic Indian Pueblo.  More than one thousand Santo Domingo natives join in on a presentation of the colorful Green Corn Dance.


Sequoyah provides billing software for water and sewer billing for the tribe.   They work with the tribal utility authority.   They have used Sequoyah Software for the last 5 years.  The community has seen growth, and they are expanding their water routes to accommodate new homes. 


“New Mexico rural water companies are very important customers to Sequoyah Software.  The Pueblo communities are great to work with.  We work with over 6 of these pueblos in New Mexico to help them bill for their water resources,“ said Trent Anderson, of Sequoyah Software.

Expanding to the South East

Oct 2015

Sequoyah has added a new sales office in  Georgia.  


We will be providing sales and support in the South East Region with Sequoyah Software.


Training with Focus  

Nov 2015

The Sequoyah Oklahoma training class was a great success according to the attendants.


The morning session focused on Utility Billing software and the afternoon focused on the Accounting software.   Lauri Ahart of Clinton County PWSD #4 was SSCi guest trainer for the day.  Laurie went over how Clinton County specifically uses Sequoyah Utility Billing on a day to day basis and how they processed their bill runs.   She also gave a presentation of the numerous reports created from each system.    


Data back-up for billing with Sequoyah was a main topic for users.  PSN credit card processing and call blasting options were also discussed.


Many companies like Cherry Tree, Creek 1, City of Hope, Kansas and Mayes County Water District also had discussions on how they used the Sequoyah Software for late notices and accounts receivables and the various reporting needs each company has.


SSCi will be holding more training classes next year and look forward to more companies joining the sessions. 





SSCi at National Rural Water Show

Sept 2015

SSCi exhibited at the WaterPro Conference September 28-30th in Oklahoma City sponsored by the NRWA. 


The show had over 2000 attendees and featured speakers from the Ground Water Protection Council and the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact commission.  


SSCi was able to meet with many of their current customers and prospects at the show and talked billing and accounting services with many rural water providers nationwide. 


“ We are excited to be part of the National Rural Water Association.  We are also excited about expanding service to many new water companies outside the midwest “ –  John Katubig.


The show was an exciting place to discuss various topics with water managers from all 50 states.  We gained many new leads and are in-discussions to expand our sales outreach.  




Sequoyah Software Offers Billing For Property Owners Association

Oct 2015

Flint Ridge Property Owners Association is a community in Oklahoma that offers property owners amenities for canoeing, fishing, golf, restaruants, hiling, biking, swimming pools, a recreation center, churches and camping.  Flint Ridge has 7,000 acres located at the Ozark Mountain foothills and is located along the Illinois River in Oklahoma.


Flint Ridge uses Sequoyah Software to bill of owner dues, amenities, citations and miscellaneous charges.  The dues are billed monthly, semi annually or annually.  The Work Order module can be used to help manage repairs and fixes if needed.


"We love Sequoyah and have been using their software for years.  It always just works!"  Anita - Admin




Disaster Strikes Two Sequoyah Software Clients

Sept 2015

In May, a fire caused by a faulty printer/copier gutted Tri County RWD #2 in Earlsboro, OK (pictured). Fortunately no one was hurt.  However the fire engulfed the whole building renderring the office useless. Although all computers and backups were damaged, Sequoyah Software's Mike Brown was successful in saving their data from the smoke-damaged server.  Trent Anderson and John Katubig of Sequoyah's St Louis office and I.T. specialist, Kirk Eby spent two days on site rebuilding their network.  Tri County was up and running in no time.


Four months later, a similar disater struck another of our customers.  A fire inside Leadwood City Hall in Missouri on Sept. 17 forced city officials to temporarily shut down operations. Like the fire in Earlsboro, no one was hurt.  But unlike the fire in Earlsboro, no data was retrieved.  Trent and John were on hand to help install the Sequoyah Software onto their new computers, but they will have to transfer what data they had from reports. 


Sequoyah Software cannot stress enough how important regular backups are.  In Leadwood's instance it will cost them several hours to re-enter their data.  And they will have no history prior to the current balances.

It is vitally important to have a backup plan using your own off-site media or Sequoyah Software's Backup and Recovery Program.  We hope that disaster will never strike your company, but if it does, you need to be ready for it.  


If you find company backup and recovery may be lacking, please contact us.  We can review your plan and come up with a viable solution to a disaster that we hope never happens.

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