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Disaster Strikes Two Sequoyah Software Clients

Sept 2015

In May, a fire caused by a faulty printer/copier gutted Tri County RWD #2 in Earlsboro, OK (pictured). Fortunately no one was hurt.  However the fire engulfed the whole building renderring the office useless. Although all computers and backups were damaged, Sequoyah Software's Mike Brown was successful in saving their data from the smoke-damaged server.  Trent Anderson and John Katubig of Sequoyah's St Louis office and I.T. specialist, Kirk Eby spent two days on site rebuilding their network.  Tri County was up and running in no time.


Four months later, a similar disater struck another of our customers.  A fire inside Leadwood City Hall in Missouri on Sept. 17 forced city officials to temporarily shut down operations. Like the fire in Earlsboro, no one was hurt.  But unlike the fire in Earlsboro, no data was retrieved.  Trent and John were on hand to help install the Sequoyah Software onto their new computers, but they will have to transfer what data they had from reports. 


Sequoyah Software cannot stress enough how important regular backups are.  In Leadwood's instance it will cost them several hours to re-enter their data.  And they will have no history prior to the current balances.

It is vitally important to have a backup plan using your own off-site media or Sequoyah Software's Backup and Recovery Program.  We hope that disaster will never strike your company, but if it does, you need to be ready for it.  


If you find company backup and recovery may be lacking, please contact us.  We can review your plan and come up with a viable solution to a disaster that we hope never happens.

Sequoyah Software Offers Billing For Property Owners Association

Oct 2015

Flint Ridge Property Owners Association is a community in Oklahoma that offers property owners amenities for canoeing, fishing, golf, restaruants, hiling, biking, swimming pools, a recreation center, churches and camping.  Flint Ridge has 7,000 acres located at the Ozark Mountain foothills and is located along the Illinois River in Oklahoma.


Flint Ridge uses Sequoyah Software to bill of owner dues, amenities, citations and miscellaneous charges.  The dues are billed monthly, semi annually or annually.  The Work Order module can be used to help manage repairs and fixes if needed.


"We love Sequoyah and have been using their software for years.  It always just works!"  Anita - Admin




Animas River Mine Spill 

Aug 2015

Flora Vista is a town in New Mexico just south of the Colorado boarder.  The town lies along the side the Animas River .  On Aug 9th there were 3 million gallons of mining waste spilled into the river.  The waste flowed down river from Colorado to New Mexico.  Flora Vista Water, a customer of Sequoyah Software; had to notify all its consumers about the status of their drinking water as the spill moved to their town.


Flora Vista uses Sequoyah billing software that offers an integrated call notification system.  A telephone number report of all customers can be created in minutes by Sequoyah Software and then the telephone number report can be loaded into the call blasting system.  A call announcement is made by the water company on the status and then all the numbers are called with the announcement.  All Flora Vista customers were contacted within a 45 minute time frame. 


"With Sequoyah we were able to notify our customer of the status of our drinking water and save hours of dialing and calling into the middle of the night.  A fast response for our water company was key" said the Flora Vista manager.

Sequoyah Software brings billing to the islands!

Mar 2015

Cat Cay Yacht Club has chosen Sequoyah Software to help them bill for water, sewer and electric services.   


Cat Cay is an island resort in the Bahamas that offers golf, tennis, boating, fishing and relaxation.  They offer some of the cleanest beaches in the world with great coral reefs to view thousands of fish and unique sea life.  


Sequoyah is excited to work with Cat Cay and was able help them bill for water service based on desalinization costs and electricity based on fuel usage.  


John Katubig at Sequoyah says “Cat Cay has a very unique situation that allowed our software to show how versatile it can be.”   Sequoyah offers support and technical help to Cat Cay to meet their needs with accurate and easy billing software.   


Sequoyah Software welcomes The Coves at Bird Island as our newest customer!

May 2015

The Coves at Bird Island is a resort community in Northeastern Oklahoma on Grand Lake.  They have been using an older package that has long been discontinued and was no longer supported.  They chose SSCi for their water and sewer billing management.


The Coves at Bird Island offers a private golf course alongside the beautiful Grand Lake, one of the largest lakes in Oklahoma.


A huge welcome to Sue and her staff to the Sequoyah family.




Route 66 Billing

July 2015

In the center of Oklahoma is the historical pioneer town of Chandler OK. Chandler is just off of Hwy 66 and it is the home of a unique rural water company. This water company serves their customers with great care, pride, and plenty of clean water.  


Lincoln County Rural Water District #2 selects Sequoyah Software as the billing vendor of choice.  SSCi was able to meet the needs of Lincoln county #2 billing by offering a billing software to handle coupons as well as rich accounts receivables management reporting.   “We are always excited about a new customer in the rural water market and will work hard to make them happy – rural water companies are the heart of Sequoyah”  Trent Anderson




City of Weston selects Sequoyah Software for their water and sewer billing!

January 2015

The city of Weston, Missouri is just north of Kansas City.  Weston is a pre-civil war river town with rolling hills on Main Street.  The quaint town with a population of around 1750 was rated best small town in Missouri by Midwest Traveler Magazine.


City Clerk, Kim Kirby was looking for new billing software and contacted Sequoyah.  She reviewed many other software systems and picked Sequoyah software because of its many features and functionality. 


SSCi would like to welcome Kim and her staff to the Sequoyah Family!  And we look forward to working together with Kim and her staff for many years to come. 


SSCi welcomes City of Stover to the Sequoyah Family!

April 2014

After months of deliberation, Sharon Fry of the City of Stover has chosen Sequoyah Software's Utility Management and Accounting suite to help manage their water and sewage billing and financial affairs.


Owner Mike Brown and the staff of Sequoyah Software & Consulting, Inc. would like to welcome the



St Louis Area Expansion 

March  2014


Sequoyah Software & Consulting, Inc is expanding.  On March 1, 2014 Owner Mike Brown announced the grand opening of their new office in St. Charles, MO, a suburb of St Louis.  


The SSCI staff welcomes Director of Sales and Marketing Trent Anderson and Systems Analyst John Katubig to the Sequoyah family.  


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