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The features below are just a brief sample of those provided by the Payroll system.


  • Federal Tax Information User Maintainable

  • State Tax Information User Maintainable

  • Unlimited Earnings Types

  • Unlimited Deductions

  • User Defined Deduction Rates, Amounts, Tables

  • Calculates All Employee and Employer Payables

  • Employee Information

  • Employee Defaults for Easy Payroll Generation

  • Employee Overrides for Specific Deduction Exceptions

  • Tax Deferred Deductions

  • Payroll Register

  • Quarterly Reports (941)

  • Prints W2's

  • Prints Checks

  • Direct Deposit of Pay to Up to 3 Bank Accounts Per Employee

  • Check Register

  • Employee History

  • Creates General Ledger Entries

  • Creates Accounts Payable Invoices for Deduction Payments


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