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           water/utility management



The Water/Utility Management system is a utility billing software product that includes many additional features as you will see in the list below. It provides for all types of reading/billing methods: such as, customer self-bill with coupon, billing with reading by customer, or billing with reading by district(billing entity). The features below are just a brief sample of those provided by the system.


  • Unlimited Services (Water, Gas, Sewer, Trash, Electric, etc)

  • Unlimited User Defined Rate Schedules

  • Unlimited User Defined Miscellaneous Charges

  • Owner & Occupant Information

  • Forfeitures

  • Comments

  • Meter Information

  • Membership/Benefit

  • Location Service & Legal

  • History Display, Report, & Graph

  • Charge Calculation

  • Payment Collection, Posting & Balancing

  • Meter Change-Out

  • Creates General Ledger Entries

  • Accounts Receivable Reporting

  • Billing Register

  • Balancing Reports Payments, Charges, etc.

  • Bank Deposit Report

  • Bank Draft Payments

  • Past Dues & Penalties

  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report

  • Customer Labels

  • Usage Statistics and Analysis

  • Cost & Loss Reporting for Water, Gas, Electric

  • Meter Audit

  • Report Sequence and Dates at User Option

  • Laser Statements

  • Work Order History

  • Estimated Readings

  • Easily Create Letters to Customers

  • Postal CASS Certification

  • Email Bills


      Sample bill
      Sample Full bill
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